Take a stroll through the garden……

The spacious gardens of the Olde Horsham Motor Inn were planted in a typical English style with open lawn areas and large trees. Due to years of drought conditions and ongoing water restrictions a change in garden style has been necessary with Australian native plants being added to the mixture of exotic and cottage garden plants throughout the garden.

Interest has been created in the garden by the use of collectables such as steel cartwheels and old farm implements. Rusty wheelbarrows display a colourful array of annuals and bulbs, cast iron camp ovens are used as pots for succulents and half wine barrels are planted with grass trees and cumqats. An old post and rail fence is an unusual and much admired feature with plantings of hardy agapanthus along the back section and showy white iceberg roses along the front section.

Many well known favourites can be found throughout the garden. These include pelargoniums, geraniums, daisies, alyssum, daylilies, irises, seaside daisies and standard, bush and climbing roses. More shaded areas have plantings of clivias, bromeliads, and azaleas. A large variety of succulents, in beds and pots, have been propagated from cuttings.

Many Australian native plants have been planted following advice from local garden guru, Ted Brown of the Wimmera Native Nursery at Dimboola, who supplied plants such as species of correa, eremophila, callistemon, grevillea, myoporum, westringia, lavatera, alyogyne, dianella, and lomandra. As well as these attractive plants being better suited to the climate of the Wimmera, in time they will attract fauna to the garden.

The present owners have worked hard to create a garden that which not only suits the style of the Olde Horsham but is a place a little different to the rest for their guests to enjoy.


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